Android Bottom Sheet Dialog || Android Studio Tutorial | Bottom Sheet Dialog

Android Studio Bottom Sheet Dialog Tutorial, We are going to implement bottom sheet dialog, Within the dialog we are going to add edittext with a button and onclick listener.

Android bottom sheet is a view that slides from the bottom of a screen to show extra content.

This tutorial is in java, i will do another one using kotlin and leave the link below.

In this tutorial, our bottom sheet will display an EditText and a button.

When the button in the bottom sheet is clicked we are going to open new activity and display the name provided in the edit text.

Steps in creating android bottom sheet dialog:

  1. Adding button in our main activity that opens bottom sheet dialog
  2. Adding java class that implements BottomSheetDialogFragment
  3. Listening to the bottom sheet button on click to open new activity.
  4. Displaying the entered name in the new activity

Kindly check above video tutorial and if you need additional help comment below.

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