Android Display Alert Dialog

Alert dialogs is a pop up window that displays on top of existing windows, It mostly used when we need confirmation from users. Different actions occurs based on users feedback, We shall develop an application that Display Alert Dialog to ask user to confirm if he/she want to exit the applica. If user select yes the app exit if no nothing will happen.

  • Lets get started with coding.
  • Contents

    Creating a new project

  • Open your android studio.
  • Click File => New => Project => Empty Activity => Give your project a name
  • Click next and finish.
  • Adding Alert Dialog

  • Open your MainActivity, Copy and Paste the code below.
  • That’s all, Run your app and you will see the following output.
  • Android Display Alert Dialog

  • Click the link below to download source code
  • Download source code
  • if you need more help or have a question do comment below.