Android Firebase Firestore Tutorial

Firebase Firestore Tutorial, Firestore is a scalable database, NoSql cloud database and sync data with client and server side development. We shall be storing user details as we learn how to us it.

In this tutorial I will show you how to first connect our app with firebase using android studio tools. Once we have connected successfully we are going to add libraries which firestore depends on.

Once we have the firebase set up, we are going to design our layout. The layout will consist of three edittext which include username, useremail and password.

When user provides the data we are going to save in our firestore database. We also going to learn how we can update existing data.

Remember firestore stores data using Collections and Document and you need to understand it when you are updating a record.

This is part one of the tutorial, Part of the tutorial we are display the firestore data in a recyclerview using firebaseUi. You can check it below.

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