Android GridView || GridView With Image and Text || GridView Open new activity on item are click.

In this tutorial you will learn the following.

  1. How to create an android Gridview with Image, Text, and Open item on click listener.
  2. Wrapping GridView items in a CardView.
  3. Adding on click listener to GridView items.
  4. Passing Clicked GridView to Another Activity.
  5. Displaying GridView Clicked Item in a new Activity.

Let’s get started

Steps to Insert data to database using retrofit.

  1. Creating a New Activity
  2. Adding GridView to your activity.
  3. Creating layout to display GridView Items.
  4. Adding Images to your drawable.
  5. Creating new Activity to display Clicked Items.
  6. Adding ClickListener to GridView Items.
  7. Displaying Clicked GridView Items in the New Activity.

Check the code in my github account.

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