Android GridView With SearchView and OnItemClickListener

In this tutorial, you will learn the following.

  1. How to create an android Gridview with Image, Text, and Description.
  2. Wrapping GridView items in a CardView. Adding SearchView in ToolBar/ActionBar.
  3. Adding Search/Filter to Gridview Adapter.
  4. Filtering GridView Items.
  5. Passing Clicked GridView to Another Activity. Displaying GridView Clicked Item in a new Activity.

Steps of creating android GridView with Searchview and onItemClickListener.

  1. Create new project => New => Project => Empty Activity => Name => Finish.
  2. Adding GridView to your activity. (activity_main.xml)
  3. Creating Model (ItemModel) to hold GridView items. (
  4. Creating layout to display GridView Items. (row_items.xml)
  5. Adding Images to your drawable. (download them the link below)
  6. Adding Menu Resource Directory.
  7. Adding Menu Resource file for the SearchView. (menu.xml)
  8. Enabling GridView Search.
  9. Creating new Activity to display Clicked Items. (activity_view_items.xml)
  10. Adding ClickListener to GridView Items.
  11. Displaying Clicked GridView Items in the New Activity.

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