Android Listview With SearchView and OnItemClickListener

In this tutorial you will learn the following.

  • Creating android listview with image,text and description.
  • Adding SearchView on ActionBar/ ToolBar.
  • Making listview filterable.
  • Searching listview using searchview.
  • Passing listview item data from one activity to another
  • Displaying clicked listview item in another activity.
Listview With SearchView and OnItemClickListener

Steps of creating android Listview with Searchview and onItemClickListener.

  1. Create new project => New => Project => Empty Activity => Name => Finish.
  2. Create that will contain getter and setter for our items.
  3. Create row_items.xml will display items.
  4. Copy Images in your drawable folder.
  5. Download Images using the button below
  6. Create Menu Resource File and add Search View item.
  7. Create New Activity to display Clicked Items.
  8. Code

Android Manifest file.





Run the project.

Download project source code.