Android Login Register With an API | Login Register in Android

Android Login Register Tutorial will focus on creating an android app that allows users to register and login users. Users registration will consume an api which both method for authentication and posting users. Registration details will be stored in the MySQL database while login/authentication will be done from the same database.

This series tutorial we shall learn how we can be to create an android app that has a login and register activity. Once the user successfully manages to register from the mobile app

Users will be required to provide login details which he/she used during registration. Once the details match user will be logged in successfully and we shall display the username of the logged-in user.

Our user registration activity contains 4 fields which are email, username, password, and confirm password. for registration user will be required to provide all data including username and email.

Our user login activity contains 2 fields which are username and password. Users will be required to provide email and password to log in. When the login button is clicked user details will be validated against the existing store data. If it matches user will be redirected to the main activity which acts as our dashboard.

To add and configure retrofit, we shall begin by adding Gradle dependencies for retrofit, convertor library, and Http logger interceptor. The retrofit will us perform network call which Http logger will log any outgoing and incoming request.

Once retrofit is configured we shall create an API client class that will return retrofit and user service where all the requests are added. Either post, get, delete, put.

This tutorial, I have divided it into 3 part.

Our backend apis can be found here:

Part 1: Login Register Dashboard Screen:

  1. Design and Implement Login Screen
  2. Find all view in the login screen
  3. Validate All data in login Screen
  4. Design and Implement Register Screen
  5. Find all views in register screen
  6. Validate All data in register screen

Part 2: Setting Up Retrofit:

  1. Adding retrofit in our project
  2. Adding the converter library to our project
  3. Adding Logging Interceptor
  4. Create ApiClient Class that will return retrofit.
  5. Create a UserService Interface where we shall define all our calls
  6. Create Modal for User Login and Registration
  7. Define register and login calls

Part 3: User Registration:

  1. Send user Registration data to back end
  2. Login User with registered details
  3. On Successful login redirect user to dashboard page.

Check our recyclerview tutorial:

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