Android Room Database Operations, Insert Update Delete || Android Studio Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn the following.

  1. Room database mvvm operation.
  2. Room Database insert operation.
  3. Room Database update operation.
  4. Room Database Delete Operation

Let’s get started.

Major Components in Room Database:

  1. Database: Main access point for the underlying connection to your app’s persistent relational data. Usually annotated with @Database.
    An abstract class that extends RoomDatabase.
    It contains an abstract class that has no arguments which returns class annotated with @Dao.
    It contains a list of entities.
  2. Entity: Represents tables in the database.
  3. Dao: It contains methods used to access the database.

Step we have followed in this tutorial to Insert Update and Delete Items in room database.

  1. Creating a menu item (delete and update)
  2. Adding image view which when clicked inflate the menu item
  3. Adding a click listener to delete and update
  4. Including @delete and @update in @Dao methods.
  5. Updating the repository and view model with delete and update method.
  6. Performing delete and update when a menu item is clicked.

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