Android Tab Layout Tutorial using Viewpager and fragments

Tab Layout tutorial with ViewPager, In this tutorial we are going to learn how to implement tabs layouts that has slide and click listener. User can decide to slide between the tabs or even click the tabs.

Apps like whatsapp, facebook and many more have implemented tabs layout in they design and this is what we are going to learn from above video tutorial

What we are going to learn:

  1. Add TabLayout to your activity layout.
  2. Add ViewPager to your activity layout.
  3. Add ViewPagerAdapter
  4. Create fragments that you need.
  5. Add layout for the fragment.

Tabs layout is now commonly used expecially in apps like whatsApp and FaceBook.

Having watching the above video if you have a question or need additional help kindly comment below.

For source code, you can get it for $5 to support my work. Thanks for watching.