Changing MAC Address using Kali Linux MacChanger

Hi, In this tutorial i will take you through changing the mac address of using kali linux. MAC Address stands for Media Access Control which is used to physically identify devices in a network. Some of the reason we may want to change a device mac address include the following.

When we have Limited time for wifi usage, One may decide to change the mac address to continue enjoying the internet.

Another reason is to pretend to be someone else in the network, Some routers are configured to connect to specific mac address only. User can capture mac address of authenticated user and pretend to be that person who is authenticated.
To get started ensure you have install kali linux after installing kali linux install mac changer using the following command.

Checking the current MAC address

When checking the current Mac Address you will need to know the name of your network card.
Type the following to check the your network card.

Your network interface card will be displayed.

Note : enpso is the network card name.

Changing Mac Address and setting it into random string

Type the following to set random mac address.

Note : Remember enpso is your network interface card name.