Android FirebaseUI Firestore RecyclerView ( part 2)

FirebaseUi Firestore Recyclerview Tutorial, we are going to learn how to implement recyclerview using data stored in firestore, Our adapter class will be provided by firebaseUi.

In this tutorial, we shall learn how to add firebaseUi in our application since it’s the library to provide us with adapter.

Once we add firebaseUi, we are going have our data class which will receive data from firebase, Once we receive the data the next this is to diaplay in our recyclerview.

Our recyclerview is a normal recyclerview which has cardview. The cardview consist of username, useremail and even phone number.

FirebaseUi has a special adapter which is show in the tutorial. when the application start. You start listening when activity is destroyed you stop listening.

This is part 2 of the tutorial, In part one we learnt how to add user details in firestore. You can find it using the link below.

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