GridLayout with CardView and OnItemClickListener

In this tutorial, you will learn the following.

  1. How to create an android Grid Layout.
  2. How to change activity theme.
  3. How to add CardView to Grid Layout.
  4. How to set column count and row count in a grid layout.
  5. How to listen on click in a grid layout.
  6. Open new activity when the grid layout item is clicked.

Steps of creating android GridView with Searchview and onItemClickListener.

  1. Ceate new project => New => Project => Empty Activity => Name => Finish.
  2. Add a new theme for your activity main. (style.xml)
  3. Change the activity theme. (manifest.xml)
  4. Design grid layout. (activity_main.xml)
  5. Adding a card view support library. (gradle. build)
  6. Add Images download link below. (drawable folder)
  7. Adding onClickListener for glid layout items. (MainActivity.xml)
  8. Creating different activities to open when the grid layout item is clicked.

RecyclerView with Search/Filter and OnClickListener:

Run your project now, Incase of additional help kindly comment below.