Android Grid Layout with CardView

Implement grid layout in and listen when the grid item is clicked

In this tutorial you will learn the following.

  • How to implement android Grid Layout.
  • How to define the number of columns and rows in a grid layout ( 2 X 2)
  • How to use CardView in a grid layout.
  • Listen to item click in a grid layout.
  • Open new activity when grid item is clicked Design android background color.
  • Improved UI UX.

Let’s get started.

Steps to implementing android GridLayout with CardView

  • Creating a new theme without an action bar.
  • Creating a grid layout.
  • Adding CardView Library.
  • Adding CardView in our grid layout.
  • Adding onClick listener to grid layout items.
  • Creating new Activities for click grid layout items.
  • Opening new activities when the item in the grid layout is clicked.
  • Show the name of the clicked grid in the new activity

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