GridView + CardView and ClickListener || GridView with image and text

Android GridView with CardView and OnItemClickListener, CardView consist of image and text. When the image is clicked a new activity opens and displays the name and image of the clicked grid items.

What we are going to learn within the tutorial:

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to implement gridview which has two columns, image and description.

We are going to learn how to link our adapter with our gridview, within the adapter we are going to add onclicklistener which will be an interface.

Whenever you click an item, within the gridview we are going to pass the data to a new activity and display the name and image of the clicked item.

Also we are going to learn how to display images using gridview

Thanks for watching this tutorials. It’s purely based on kotlin if you would like to learn using java. Kindly use the link below.

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For source code, you can get it with only $5 which help me continue with this work.


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