Navigation Drawer with Fragments

In this tutorial, you will learn the following.

  1. How to create an android navigation drawer with fragments.
  2. Navigation drawer menu item clicks event.
  3. Add menu items in the navigation drawer.
  4. Open new activity when the item in the fragment is clicked.

Steps of creating android Navigation Drawer with fragments

  1. Create new project => New => Project => Navigation Drawer Activity => Name => Finish.
  2. Add navigation event listener. (activity_main.xml)
  3. Create a new menu item. (menu.xml)
  4. Add event listeners to the new menu item. (
  5. Create a new fragment.
  6. Add a button to the new fragment. (main_accoutns_fragments.xml)
  7. Create a new Activity. (activity_user_accounts.xml)
  8. Add a click listener to the main_accoutns_fragement button. (

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