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Recyclerview with Search/Filter, CardView, and OnItemClickListener. Items in the recyclerview will be displayed in a cardview which will contain image name and description of the name. You can search/filter items within the recyclerview and when you click an item a new activity will appear and display details of clicked item.

In this tutorial I will post I will give a general step of the implementation then i will share a link you can find the individual post and also videos explain even tutorial.

In this recycler view with search/filter, CardView and OnItemClickListener we are going to divide it into 4 parts since it’s a long one.

Create Recyclerview with Image, Text, and Description:

Here we shall learn how to:

  1. Add recyclerview in our activity.
  2. Adding cardveiw library in our build Gradle
  3. Create layout that will hold recyclerview items ( image, name, description ) in a cardview
    create a modal that will hold data

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Recyclerview Adapter

Here we shall learn how to:

  1. Create Adapter class that will extend RecyclerView ( this link data source to our recyclerView )
  2. Copy and Past our images
  3. Display our recyclerview

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Part 3:
Adding OnclickListener in our RecyclerView:

Here we shall learn how to:

  1. Add interface class in our adapter
  2. Implement the interface in our activity
  3. Listen to item click.
  4. Create a new activity that will open when recyclerview item is clicked
  5. Open new activity when recyclerview is clicked
  6. Pass Data from clicked Recyclerview Item to our new activity.

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Adding Search/Filter to Our recyclerView:

Here we shall learn how to:

  1. Implement filterable in our adapter
  2. Add menu items in android studio
  3. Inflate menu item and display in our activity on create method.
  4. Add another list of items that will contain filtered items.
  5. Perform the filter in our recyclerview.

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More from android documentation on recycelerview:

For source code, you can get it with only $5 to support this work.