Recyclerview OnClickListener Open New Activity || Filter RecyclerView Using Search View

In this tutorial, you will learn the following.

  1. How to create an android recyclerview.
  2. How to add on click listener to android recyclerview.
  3. Open new activity when recyclerview item is clicked.
  4. How to add search view to android recyclerview.
  5. How to filter recyclerview items using search view.

Steps of creating an android recyclerview with onclicklistener and search filter.

  1. Create new project => New => Project => Empty Activity => Name => Finish.
  2. Add recyclerview library dependancy. (
  3. Changing default colors. (color.xml)
  4. Changing the default style. (style.xml)
  5. Creating background gradients. (drawable folder)
  6. Adding recyclerview to your activity. (activity_main.xml)
  7. Creating model class to hold your data. (
  8. Creating an Adapter class to hold and filter your data. (
  9. Creating new activity to display the clicked recyclerview items. (activit_selected_user.xml)
  10. Creating menu.xml to handle show Search View. (menu.xml)
  11. Handle recycler view and search view. (

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