Recyclerview with CardView | RecyclerView Tutorial

Recyclerview with cardview, In this tutorial we shall focus on creating android recyclerview with cardview. Our cardview will contain Image, Name, and Description of the image.

This recycler view tutorial focus mainly on creating layout. I can refer to it as part 1 of ( android recycler view with search/filter, card view and OnItemClickListener

In this tutorial we shall begin by adding recyclerview and cardview dependencies in our build.gradle.

Once we have dependencies ready, the next thing will be to create a recyclerview layout in our activity.

To display data in our recyclerview we need to create layout that will hold data, Create a layout and name it as row_items.

Within row items add CardView, ImageView and TextView.

ImageView will be used to display our images, TextView will display both name and description and finally the cardview will hold ( imageview and textview )

Check out this video for step by step details on how to perform the.

In the next part 2 of the android recyclerview tutorial, we are going to learn how to create an Adapter.

If you would like to get the source code of the whole project. You can get it for only $5 to support this work.

More from android documentation on recycelerview:


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